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Neeson to play Ian Paisley?

LiamNeeson.jpgThere's going to be a film about the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party Ian Paisley. The Northern Irish politician's family have revealed that they have commissioned the writer Gary Mitchell to develop a script about his life.

Some funding has already been raised and work is continuing to gather the rest, and already the family have stated that the film has to use Northern Irish talent.

Mitchell announced the news on Tuesday and it's carried in the BBC today. Mitchell is well known for writing plays that are sympathetic to the loyalist community and he said:

"I think it is a tremendous opportunity to explore and expose the great man and all his vices and all his virtues,"

That's good that he's said both there, it does sound like it might be a complete look into the character and not a rose coloured view of his life. He also said that although they haven't carried out casting they are hopeful for a major star to take the role.

Previously Liam Neeson had said he would be interested in the part but apparently there has been some negative crossings with the DUP in the past after the party objected to him being offered the freedom of his home town of Ballymena which led to Neesom turning down the offer.

Interestingly there is another project underway to tell the tale of Paisley's life, although this one does not have the official invovlement of the family.

For me there seems to be a great many untold tales from recent years in Northern Ireland, particularly in its politics, and perhaps one day we will hear them. What does surprise me is that this tale is being heard so soon, and while Paisley is still alive.



Also aw this in the Guardian yesterday, I knew you'd pick it up somehow.

What about Ciaran Hinds? Not sure if he's Northern Irish though.

I think it's sad that this story , which I don't believe seems to take away from the Belfast Film Festival http://www.belfastfilmfestival.org which started yesterday.From what I've seen and heard here in Northern Ireland the whole concept of the Paisley Film is considered a joke.

Why do you think it's untrue? It was in a major newspaper and carried quotes from the writer and the family, and why do you think it's taking away from the Festival? Perhaps it hasn't advertised itself enough?

It boils down to my perception of Gary Mitchell (playwright/screenwriter) and his reaction to, what was reported as, him and his family being forced to move from their home in Belfast. I've friends that lived a couple of miles from where he lived who had their home attacked and had to move out too.They were Protestants living in the Protestant community too. They suffered from medical problems and had to give up working due to the attack. They didn't want to publicise what happened to them. Gary Mitchell did the opposite. I believe this Paisley film is just more publicity for Gary Mitchell.


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