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Neil Marshall to tackle Sherlock Holmes!

NeilMarshall.jpgNeil Marshall has turned into one of my favourite directors and his next project isn't letting me down any. He's set to bring a new, updated treatment of Sherlock Holmes to the big screen based on a soon to be released comic book.

The new version of the story has received the approval from the Arthur Conan Doyle estate, so there's a lot of potential here, and once again for a franchise. The new Holmes will be more action orientated and less pondering around and deliberating.

My favourite Holmes was Jeremy Brett, he was superb, as was that British TV series.

The story comes from Variety through CHUD.

It's another interesting turn for the British writer and director who has a great knack for natural dialogue and hugely entertaining films. Dog Soldiers and The Descent (Filmstalker review) were both superb, and I'm dying to see Doomsday, and now he's breaking form again and redefining Sherlock Holmes on film, indeed.



COOL!!!! That is one movie I will be so looking forward to seeing, as I have said b4 I truly enjoyed The Descent and Dog Soldiers. Neil Marshall's vision on a "new" Sherlock Holmes will be eagerly anticipated by me and doubtless thousands of others.... However, I have no doubt those "Sherlock Purists" will shout blasphemy and madness and will want to kick NM down a well!!


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