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New Blades of Glory clips online - Chazz talks sex

Blades.jpgI've just received three clips from Blades of Glory starring Will Ferrell and Jon Heder as competing Olympic ice skaters who are banned and stripped of their gold medals after fighting on the ice. They decide to team up to exploit a loophole where they can skate together as a tea in an attempt to win back their former glory.

In the clips we have, Chazz Michael Michaels, played by Ferrell, talks about himself, his loves, and his love. There's a cracking quote about sex on skates in the last clip.

You can see them right here...

Chazz's influences

Chazz's favourites

Chazz talks sex!

I suspect Ferrell fans will love this film, I'm still not sure about it, although I absolutely love the concept.



Some his earlier work had my rolling in the aisle in stitches. His more recent work has become tdedious, hopefully he puts more jokes in this one. fingers crossed.

The more I see of this the less I'm interested.


Oh crumbs. I thought Ferrell did well in Stranger than Fiction and was hoping that he would do more serious stuff. I've never really seen any of his comedies.

Ferrell has still got it. Go and watch this film at least 3times, and you will find it hilarious. Ferrell steals the show, yet the support cast hold it together very well.
Ferrell should never do serious roles, he should make these films until he's an o.a.p.


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