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New Grindhouse clips online

Grindhouse.jpgThere are some cracking clips for Grindhouse online. Seven for Planet Terror, the Robert Rodriguez directed film, and four for Death Proof, the Quentin Tarantino film, and I have to say that Kurt Russell in Death Proof just looks superb.

Now, for those of you concerned with spoilers, I wouldn't be. There's nothing that looks spoiler-ish in these trailers and they all seem to be extended from shorter clips we've already seen. If you've watched the trailer and some of the clips, particularly the twenty five minute feature, then you've seen most of them, these are only adding a little more meat to them.

There are a couple of clips that really flesh out the Stuntman Mike character that Russell is playing, and he just seems to be deliciously evil in it, as well as being incredibly natural. Some of the lines to camera are going to evoke moments of Snake Plissken, and there's a cracker in one of the clips. There's also promise of some great car action too.

These clips more than anything are getting me excited for the film. You can see the clips over at IESB [Flash:Embed] through Bloody Disgusting.



It's not spoilers I'm worried about, it's just clips in general. I want to see the movie as a whole when it comes out. Not 30 minutes of the film in small clips. Doesn't that take some of the fun out of the screening? Everyone else is laughing or crying or surprised or whatever, and you're thinking to yourself, "oh, I've already seen this segment on the internet like 3 times."

I'm glad you post this stuff, but I'm not going to watch. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!

I agree with Drew. Sometimes I get so hungry for coverage on a film that I end up ruining the experience for myself by seeing too much of it before I actually sit through the entire thing. :-)


Well I am glad you like me covering these things, but it is your choice whether to watch them or not. I do so I can tell you whether they are worth watching or if there are spoilers.

I know what you both mean though, luckily I have a good talent (well a few actually, but they are all for beer nights), I can walk into a film and almost totally lose the baggage I took in with me.

It doesn't always work, for instance I couldn't get over knowing the Sixth Sense plot twist!

I think though these Directors would be careful in what they hand out, and they definitely are being here. With this film it's not about individual moments, it's definitely the Grindhouse experience.

I'm with you guys, can't wait.


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