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New Shooter clips online

Shooter.jpgThere are five clips from the upcoming Shooter film online. I just saw this trailer again tonight before Outlaw, and it still looks strong. Despite a slight reservation that we're going to be hitting on similar ground, Danny Glover's casting against type and the presence of Antoine Fuqua behind the camera keep taking that thought away from me.

You can see the clips in the main article. Have a look and see what you think. Is this standard fare, or are Glover and Fuqua going to deliver something different?

For those of you who haven't been following the news, Mark Wahlberg plays a crack sniper who is in retirement. The Government take him back in to try and get him to find out how a sniper is going to shoot the President, they actually use him to set it up and then betray him, trying to kill him in the process. He escapes and descides to go after them.

Here are the clips...

The clips are courtesy of MoviesOnline. Something different?



i particularly enjoyed the fight with the cops and the police dog.


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