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New Transformers in hi-res from Michael Bay

Transformers.jpgI'm not usually interested in posters, yeah they're nice to look at, but a few moments later that's it. So the new Transformers posters really didn't excite me, until that is I saw them in hi-res. Wow, they're nice. Of course like all posters this excitement won't last too long.

I think there's only two posters I've been really excited about in life. One is the first Batman poster that I still have, forcibly removed from a bus shelter using a claw hammer...ahem...and the second is the New Zealand and hopefully Australian poster for The Flying Scotsman (Filmstalker review), more on that later.

However these are rather nice, and thanks to Michael Bay you can now see them in high resolution galore.

Do posters really help you during the marketing phase of a film? Are you heavily influenced by them?



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