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New Venom Spider-Man 3 trailer online

Spiderman3_Poster.jpgThere's a new Spider-Man 3 trailer out on the Internet which has been filmed inside a cinema, that means there's a new trailer actually showing just now. What's really exciting about it is it is focused wholly on the creature that is ultimately known as Venom.

What's more is that the trailer is right here in the main story, just look below, and I've included the full size version too.

It's a little jerky, fuzzy and dark, so you lose much of the action sequences, but you get the idea and we get to see some new scenes that hint that the tale is a lot darker than I expected.

I'd love to see a proper version of this, and I hope we do later this week. The more I see, the more I'm thinking that this third film will be a lot more meatier than we've seen in the other two.

Spiderman3 trailer on Dailymotion
Uploaded by Xplic1T

The trailer comes through Comic Book Movie. What do you think then?



Arf bad quality, i hope this trailer be online in HD soon :D

I saw this trailer today in front of 300 (fantastic movie). I'm really looking forward to seeing Spiderman ...come May 4th my daughter and I will be sitting in a theater seat.

I thought venoms hand came out from the top of the screen and grabed peter by his head and pulled him up from out of the picture. Did anyone hear about that?


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