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Nimoy says no approach for Star Trek XI

Spock.jpgLeonard Nimoy says that he has known about the plans for Star Trek XI for a long time, but he still doesn't know whether he and his good friend William Shatner are to return to the series, even if it is just a sall cameo.

In a few brief comments over on Amy Archerd he merely says that he doesn't know if they will be called upon to return, however that does suggest that he would be willing.

Meanwhile we are hearing mixed reports about the actual story will look more to the first adventure of Spock and Kirk together, rather than the Starfleet Academy days. That's mainly because the idea belongs to Harve Bennett who was a producer on the films from the second to the fifth, and he's not been contacted about it.

According to IGN:

"Right now, no one knows for sure what the next film is going to be. I thought it was interesting that the day after the story came out about them doing a Starfleet Academy movie, J.J. Abrams came out and said, 'That's not necessarily true.' I am assuming that the current regime at Paramount didn't realize that the studio had already bought that premise and someone went, 'Hold on a minute!'...

...It's possible they might do 'young Kirk and Spock' and, depending on what they do with it, it might be something I might not contest. But if they ever decide to do a Starfleet Academy film, my feeling is that they better call us because that was our baby."

Sounds like it won't be a Starfleet story unless Bennett gets paid then, and right now it doesn't sound like he is.

Well we know it's definitely young characters, Starfleet or not, I still find the whole young characters idea is a complete cop out. I always wanted them to keep going with Enterprise.



I am really interested in the whole concept. From what I know, Kirk was very stiff when he was young, and Spock was more human. That can be great stuff, making such a contrast with the characters we know.

Nimoy, how much money do you want?


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