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Nispel to create the Charles Manson story?

TexasChainsawMassacre.jpgMarcus Nispel, the director of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, has his eyes set on another horrific project, not so much a remake as a telling of a true life tale, the Charles Manson story.

Nispel is still working on Alice, the adaptation of the strange videogame which in itself was adapted from the equally strange Alice in Wonderland story by Lewis Carroll, a film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar no less. Despite that he's talking about a couple of other projects and one would be the Manson story...

...which could possibly reunite him with CHAINSAW/THE MACHINIST scribe Kosar. "This is different for both of us, because we don’t see it as a great reason to do some damage and splash blood. It’s a responsible movie. I love those ones that have a detailed account of reality, like BLACK HAWK DOWN, and you have to really pay attention to that—you can’t go out and make a fantasy where anything can happen. But to do it takes discipline. I think Fincher’s ZODIAC is going to be very interesting."

Is what Fangoria have him quoted as saying through AITH.

He goes on to say that the film won't follow the films we've seen before on Manson, most of these followed a legal point of view. Here he's thinking of the emotional aspect and how the family would have felt and reacted, perhaps he's looking at a more personal investigation of the persona of Manson?

However he plans to do it, the idea certainly sounds like a controversial and difficult film. Perhaps too difficult to make it to the screen without some serious independent backing.



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