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No more directors for Miller's comics

FrankMiller.jpgFrank Miller has said that 300 (Filmstalker review) is the last film that will be made of his material that he won't direct, and I'm surprised by that comment but at the same time I have to admit the guy has his hat screwed on.

According to comments in The Telegraph he loved the vision that Zack Snyder had for 300 but it's all about him now.

"This, I hope, will be the last property of mine that isn't directed by me...I was directing on Sin City, learning what I was doing, when they started making 300. I had input, of course, but this is Zack Snyder's film. Zack clearly had such a strong focus on exactly where he wanted to take it, and I liked that. To put it really simply, I always wanted this to be like a story told by a soldier over a campfire."

He goes on to talk about the film, but I'm more interested in that comment. We know he's set to direct his own The Spirit, and he's co-directing Sin City 2 and apparently 3, but doesn't this suggest more? Much more?

I think it does. It sounds to me like he's been carefully learning and studying what these guys have been doing on his films, and perhaps Spirit is his first test. I get the feeling that he's going to try his hand at a few more tales along the way, so this talk of his Ronin story coming to life would most likely be at his hands, and I suspect Sin City 3 may be going all his way too.



Let's see how he fares as a director, he has the vision yes, how that vision translates to film is another.


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