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Olmos brings Fuentes The Crystal Frontier to film

EdwardJamesOlmos.jpgEdward James Olmos is instantly recognisable as an actor, if not in name, you'll see him and think of quite a few roles instantly and one of them is undoubtedly that of Captain Adama in the stunning Battlestar Galactica. Now he's set to direct and star in the film adaptation of The Crystal Frontier.

The novel is written by one of Mexico's most important writers, and tells nine stories that intertwine and show how people are affected by the political, sociological and economic issues in Mexico and the effect that the US and Mexican foreign policies have, as well as the issues that arise from the border itself.

The story sounds incredibly ambitious, but from accounts it seems that Carlos Fuentes has managed to write a very strong and insightful tale, and now Olmos is bringing it to the big screen through his own production company.

According to The Hollywood Reporter through Moviehole, the story will be feature both languages and be shot in both countries. Olmos will also act in the film as well as produce and direct. Of the story he said:

"It is a sociological study of humanity in Mexico and the U.S...We probably won't do all nine stories because it would be too complex, but it's a great commentary on what's going on along the border."

Something that I have no idea about, but from the gravity of some of the comments about the book I suspect something I should. Do you? Can you provide some comments on the novel or the real life stories?



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