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Pelé to get film treatment

Pele.jpgDespite the recent news that Goal! 3 might not get financed it seems that football (soccer) films aren't all dead, for there's going to be a film about the greatest player of all time, Pelé. Yes for those of you who think it might be David Beckham I have news for you, it isn't.

Pelé is perhaps the greatest footballer ever. He is the only player to score more than a thousand goals in the history of professional football. In 1958 he became the youngest player to play in a World Cup Final at the age of 17 and scored two goals, he actually collapsed after the game and had to have medical attention. There are reports that a forty eight hour ceasefire occured in a Nigerian civil war just so that the people could see him play.

The news that there's going to be a film about him comes from The Hollywood Reporter through JoBlo.

Truly a great man and a huge inspiration to many, many people. So it's great news that there's going to be a film about his life, after all there's plenty to show and it's full of drama and triumph over adversity.



I actually got to watch Pele play many, MANY years ago. :-)


Pele is one of many players that make up my fantasy team on PES 6. Can't say I envy the person who ends up playing him. How can you pretend to play football as well as one of the best players ever...?


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