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Perlman in Burke and Hare story

RonPerlman.jpgRon Perlman looks like he might up for another film this week, I Sell the Dead, and will star alongside Dominic Monaghan and Larry Fessenden.

The story, according to Yahoo Movies, is about 18th century grave diggers, Burke and Hare anyone? Monaghan and Fessenden play the gravediggers and Perlman is lining up to play the priest who takes Monaghan's confession. The two diggers perform certain services for a strange doctor who will be played by Angus Scrimm, most memorable for playing the Tall Man in the Phantasm films.

There's a Burke and Hare story in development right now called The Meat Trade starring Colin Firth, Robert Carlyle, written by Irvine Welsh and directed by Antonio Bird. Sadly though the word comedy appears in the genre, however the story is taking place in Edinburgh in Scotland, so that's something.

This story looks set to tell a similar tale, although it will most likely be uprooted to the US and perhaps be less funny.



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