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Perlman to play ex-career soldier in Standing Down

RonPerlman.jpgRon Perlman is set to play a Sergeant who has made a career of the Army and eventually returns to civilian life. It's a common tale, but I'm hoping this one will once again address the many pressures and difficulties that soldiers face returning from active combat and a life in the Army.

There's no word if the script will cover these elements, but the film Standing Down is written by Ron Zimmerman, stars Perlman in the lead, and also carries hip hop star Pras Michel.

According to Coming Soon who carry the announcement the producer and CEO of the company behind the film is confident that audiences will:

...respond favorably to both the heartwarming and gritty elements.

I'm not sure how to take that. Are we going to see an accurate portrayal of life after fighting for your country, or something much lighter and more acceptable to the public?

I do hope we see something akin to how our troops are feeling once they come home from active service.



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