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Pic's 'n' Clips: 28 Weeks Later and Pirates of the Caribbean

POTC-WorldsEnd_Poster.jpgClips: 28 Weeks Later rough footage of the film and possible trailer, and Pics: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End photos online.

There's rough footage of a trailer for 28 Weeks Later which is set to appear before The Hills Have Eyes II. The film is the follow up to 28 Days Later and sees Britain starting to be repopulated after the Zombies have all been wiped out. However something happens and it all kicks off again.

You can see the trailer over at Worst Previews, and I think it's really rough because it doesn't look that good at all, well the opening big explosions are pretty cool. What do you think?

/Film have some new pictures from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. All twenty four are most definitely not new, but there are some that are.

It's worth a visit to look through them all though, there are various shots of the cast, and none of them are plot killers. I love the last one, looks like an outtake.



That rough footage is from last Halloween's Festival coverage,and is not the trailer. Cheers.


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