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Prince of Persia conceptual art

PrinceofPersia.jpgPrince of Persia: Sands of Time game adaptation is moving forward in Hollywood, after all we only heard that Disney were pushing it, despite hearing casting rumours in July of last year for the film. Now there are some concept art shots online, and it does look like it will look wonderful.

The images look quite large scale and very impressive, although there's nothing yet of the Prince himself. For me this looks like a much more physical Pirates of the Caribbean, something like Tomb Raider in a different setting.

You can see the conceptual art over at Badtaste.it through Jo Blo, who also say that the original script from last year was dumped and it looks set to be a big Bruckheimer film. That means action and eye candy. Actually seems a good combination for this film considering the source material.

Are you a Prince of Persia fan? Is there something there for the cinema? It does have a good story, but the allure of Prince of Persia as a game was the controlling of time and the moves of the character...will this make it to the screen, or are they just going straight for the plot and ignoring really trying to connect with the game's fan base?



I think this conceptual art looks great. I could never get into the game but the story behind it always intrigued me.

This one "must" have been coming for quite some time. All of the games, ok most, have been story driven with loads of cut-scenes.

Converting that into a film should be easy, shouldn't it?

Just hope they make it dark. Who am i kidding, it will be a kids movie in an aladdin style and i will moan about it.


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