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Producer has high hopes for Stardust

NeilGaiman.jpgLorenzo di Bonaventura has been talking again, this time about the upcoming film adapted from Neil Gaiman's Stardust. Directed by Matthew Vaughn this is a strange tale indeed, and one which was never thought could actually reach the big screen, but it seems it will and with interesting results.

Di Bonaventura talks about the film and how the studio view it:

"It’s a weird thing to say. I don’t think everybody’s going to love the movie because it’s not a movie that’s designed to be that and yet when we went and tested it, they really flipped for it so it caught me off guard. It was a movie where I expected to have a larger portion of the audience go ‘well, that’s sort of out there. I’m not sure it’s for us.’ And what happened was that we delivered I think the romance so spectacularly well – Matthew (Vaughn) did such a good job with it – that it caught a segment of the audience in that I wasn’t expecting...

...it’s not a movie that fits into any simple genre -- it is an adventure movie, it is a romance, it is a fantasy, it is Neil Gaiman’s bizarre world view -- there’s going to be some struggle for us to find the way to voice this thing, so we’re really going to need you guys to help us actually. (Laughs) It’s true. We’re going to be a very print-driven movie.

The interview comes from MoviesOnline where he also talks a little about Transformers, and that the Stephen King tale 1408 has fifteen possible endings written, and that the final way it will be filmed is not all Hollywood.

I'm excited to see how Stardust turns out, mainly to see how Vaughn tackles it. He so nearly ended up directing the third X-Men film, but hasn't really done much since the excellent Layer Cake (Filmstalker review), so this is a total change of direction for him.



I am so looking forward to this one because of Peter O' Toole!


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