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Pullman gives book rights away

Philip Pullman is a really nice guy. He's just given up the rights to his novel The Butterfly Tattoo to an independent company who promote educational projects for young people.

Well, okay he's taking 10% of any eventual profit, but that's pretty amazing stuff. You could suspect he could afford to do this though, now that he's sold the His Dark Materials series to Hollywood.

The Dutch company, Dynamic Entertainment, have said that they will involve young people in the film and give amateurs an integral role in every aspect of the of the production. Sounds a superb deal, and very worthwhile. The budget will be a mere fraction of the Hollywood Materials films.

According to The Guardian the story is a tragedy which was first published in 1992 as The White Mercedes, here's how Pullman describes it:

A boy called Chris meets a girl called Jenny at an Oxford summer ball. They fall in love but are separated after their first night together. The next time Chris holds Jenny she is lying dead in a pool of her own blood.

"I wanted to write a love story in which believable characters in a modern setting could encounter love and death in a realistic way...I also wanted to write about Oxford, the city where I live, and to get away from the sort of heritage-university-beautiful-architecture idea and talk about a present-day, messy, difficult world in which unemployment and housing problems are real, urgent matters."

You know I could sit here and wax about how well Pullman has done for himself with the Materials and detract from what he's done here, but I won't because this sounds like a wonderful move and a very selfless one from Pullman. Well done him.



Agreed. If only more people would be this generous, the world would be a better place.


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