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Radcliffe signs for final Harry Potter films

DanielRadcliffe-PotterAges.jpgQuick titbit of news here and there's nothing too surprising, Daniel Radcliffe has signed up for the final few films in the Harry Potter series, possibly earning him a nice paycheck in the process.

The story comes from BBC and tells us that the Half-Blood Prince is due out next year, with the seventh and the final film will follow soon after that.

I think with hearing the reports of Radcliffe on stage in Equus, woring really hard to drop the Potter persona, he's going to survive the Potter series without the usual franchise mark carrying him through his career, don't you?



Given all the publicity over Radcliffe's nudity on stage, when you typed "woring" had you meant to type "working" or "whoring"?

Just joshing!

To answer your original question Radcliffe, who's never impressed me with his acting in the Potter series (which I find uninspiring, derivative and just plain dull) but by all accounts he's delivering on the stage and was excellent sending up his persona in "Extras".

By all accounts he is a really nice guy in person and is level-headed, despite his affluence and fame at a very early age. He has come across extremely well on the few chat shows he's done, so it sounds like there's no barriers to him moving onwards and upwards with his career. Good luck to him, I say.

Oh I do apologise Ian. I'm up in Aberdeen typing on a laptop I'm not used to using...plus I was in a race to get to see a wedding venue - life gets in the way!

Well said on Radcliffe. I think he's one of the few stars that is going to make it through to a strong future and not be hounded by the name of Potter during a career of other performances.


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