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Rambo pictures of Stallone on set

Stallone.jpgThere have been some pictures put online of Sylvester Stallone behind the camera on the set of John Rambo, and despite a few comments about him looking old, I think he's looking great.

Yeah, he is old, and for his age he's looking fantastic. Look at his arms and back. I'd love to be in that shape when I'm that age, but of course that would me going back to the gym and finding life outside work and Filmstalker!

I think this has great potential for a Rambo return. If they explore the age issue with the character and it could provide an interesting angle on the whole series.

The pictures are over at FlynetOnline.com through Cinema Blend.

Nothing too great unless you like looking at Stallone with a head band on.



I never saw Rocky Balboa, but it seems sad to me that he must resurrect the two things that were good for him in his career. And instead of calling it Rambo 4, he gives it that pretentious sound "John Rambo." As if it is suppose to be deeper or something than Rambo 3.

Oh Martin, he's got more than these two films as good points to his career. Have you not seen Cop Land?

Rocky Balbao was a fine movie and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, especially the part at the old icerink, it brought a lump to my throat!! Aw!! I am a big girlie me...


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