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Ray Winstone signs for Indiana Jones IV

RayWinstone.jpgThe superb Ray Winstone looks set to join the cast of Indiana Jones IV, a quite superb casting choice if I may say so.

The news today is that he has signed for a major role, the role isn't explained, but we do know that it's a biggie.

So we're already looking at Cate Blanchett, now add Winstone, and it's starting to look like Harrison Ford is outclassed already.

The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter through IESB, and great news at that. I really like Winstone as an actor and he gives such strong and natural performances, it's great to see him rise through Hollywood but yet still take the smaller, tougher acting roles too.

Hearing of Blanchett and now Winstone cast are perhaps the two most positive things I've heard about the film, and they're both making me interested in the film, to be honest everything else to date hasn't.



"a quite superb casting choice if I may say so."

Far be it for me to nitpick, but doesn't that entirely depend on the role he has been cast as? He could be replacing Denholm Elliot as Marcus Brody for all we know? ;-P

So what's wrong if he replaces Denholm Elliot's character?

Marcus Brody is one of my fave sidekick character in films for all time.

"So what's wrong if he replaces Denholm Elliot's character?"


The sighing will not help you know, might as well explain Morbius.

Simone, I think it's up to you to explain how Ray Winstone being cast as Brody could possibly be a good thing? Why not cast him as the grown up Short Round, Marion Ravenwood,Sallah or Dr Henry Jones while we are at it?


Well I wasnt the one complaining about his casting possibilities for the film, you were, so why should I explain myself?

"why should I explain myself?"

Bacause you apparently think a burly 50 year old working class actor best known for playing tough guys and baddies would be a good person to play a posh mild mannered archeology professor old enough to be Harrison Ford's father!

That does take quite some explaining doesn't it?

Then again Elliot and Winstone have both played Will Scarlett so perhaps you are right?

Now I'm going to wade in here!

I think Winstone is great, and he has played other character types extremely well. He can do it really well.

That's not the issue though, the issue is that Elliot owned that role. He was perfect and he entered our hearts as that character, and vice versa, it's the replacing him full stop that's the issue not who he's being replaced with I would say.

Richard, Elliot being replaced is not an issue at all here. I have no idea if the Brody character will be in the new movie and of course I certainly don't expect Winstone to be cast as him if he is.

I was just using that character as an example of how a good actor like Winstone could still theoretically be involved in a bad bit of casting. Alas a mutual friend of ours could not see that and actually thought it was a good idea!

(Seriously, I think this was just Simone's way of nitpicking my nitpicking but I had to call her out on it!)

Incidently Elliot who died of Aids in 1992 would have been 85 this year!

Oh I know he's dead (does it make a difference how?) I was pointing out that there's no issue with Winstone going in, even if it was for a role you speculated, the problem would be replacing someone so well suited in the role.


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