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Redford's Lions for Lambs script review online

RobertRedford.jpgThere's been a review of a script for Lions for Lambs online, and although it's not negative, it's not as strong as we had hoped. Bear in mind though that there's always a strong chance this is an early revision.

The script is from Matthew Michael Carnahan (and you all know who he is, there's no point in me mentioning his brother Joe is there?) and the film will be directed by Robert Redford who also stars alongside a very strong cast list including Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise.

The film tells how an injured soldier in Afghanistan sparks off a series of events involving a Congressman played by Cruise, a journalist played by Streep and a Professor played by Redford.

According to the review at Latino Review (beware, here there be spoilers) through Obsessed With Film the script is pretty good, but the reviewer doesn't like the way that Carnahan keeps taking the reader inside the head of the characters, something that is always really difficult to take to the screen.

However, you would think that these things would either be changed for the big screen, have been rewritten already, or there's actually a way that Redford is going to make it work. Here's what they say about it at the end:

"I feel the story spent too much time jumping back & forth and kind of lost a momentum/sentiment. I was stuck with that’s it? It started slow then picked up with all the jumping back & forth scenes

...The subject matter is explosive and because of the stellar cast, watch this one get nominated for all kinds of awards come next season.

A good script, a how-fucked-up-our-government-is movie, not my cup of tea though, but let’s see how Redford executes this one come November"

Sounds pretty good though, and I'm definitely watching out for this, after all Redford and Cruise, who wouldn't?



You forgot to mention Streep! ;)

I love this cast and is exactly the dream powerhouse casting you'd always wanted in a film.


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