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Rodriguez to film Machete and Grindhouse trailers online

RobertRodriguez.jpgRobert Rodriguez has been talking about Grindhouse and what it all is over at the SXSW festival and he revealed some really interesting information.

First up it's not just him and Quentin Tarantino that are filming the Grindhouse trailers that will show between the films, they've opened it up to other filmmakers who are submitting their clips and the winners will get a spot on the cinematic release. Now that's a nice touch. You can see two of these trailers in the article right here.

During a Q&A he revealed he'd be interested in making one of these trailers into a full feature, Hobo with a Gun, but he also said that he was definitely making another of the trailers into a full feature after Grindhouse, the character of Machete played by Danny Trejo who we've already seen from some of the footage, apparently he's really keen to bring this character to life.

He also premiered some footage from Planet Terror, and while he doesn't have that to show everyone over at Cinema Blend, where head honcho Josh is covering the entire SXSW, they have a couple of written explanations of the footage, and some of it sounds pretty damn serious. The Eli Roth fake trailer about a Thanksgiving massacre by an axe wielding pilgrim does sound like it'll get a hard time from the MPAA.

Here are the trailers...

The Dead Won't Die

Maiden of Death

What's interesting is that these two get through no problem on YouTube, then when you hit the third one it's flagged as over 18 only, I'm confused by that. The third is the winner Hobo with a Shotgun which you can see in the Cinema Blend article.

Now you be the judge, was that worse than The Dead Won't Die?



Now that I know the Danny Trejo stuff was one of the fake trailers, my interest in Grindhouse has dropped some. Glad to hear Rodriguez will try to turn it into a movie, though.


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