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Rosario Dawson talks Sin City 2 story

RosarioDawson.jpgRosario Dawson has been talking about her role in Sin City 2 and how the plot is put together, apparently this film will be much more of a traditional story rather than the leaping back and forth between different books. She also reveals that she's going to be wearing even less in the film!

"It will be A DAME TO KILL FOR. Frank Miller and Robert [Rodriguez] are definitely coming back...It is the prequel to THE BIG FAT KILL, which is the segment that I was in with Clive [Owen]. It clarifies the argument we have for a second [in the first movie] and how he hasn’t been around town for a long time and this is how he repays us. It’s actually that back story. Since it’s one book, it will have more of a classic filmmaking arc, rather than the three different books put together...Basically, Frank just really liked drawing Gail, luckily or not so luckily, in that outfit. So she’s pretty much in all of [the book]. There’s some really great moments in [SIN CITY 2], but it’s sort of basically the same as the other one."

Her comments from an interview over at iF Magazine through Comic Book Movie are a bit confusing at the end, but the rest of it is pretty solid stuff. What I am a little concerned about is the idea that they are going to use a single story rather than leaping about. For me a large part of the attraction of the film was the multiple stories leaping about, because after all it was about the city and not the individuals.

Now it looks as though this film is really going to be about the individual characters, and don't take that as a harsh comment, I'm just concerned some of what Sin City is about will be lost.

On the lighter side it looks as though her costume isn't going to be toned down any:

"I talked to [costume designer] Nina Proctor about it and decided it’s going to have to be down to thongs and pasties, because at this point, you can’t shock anybody with it..."



That's, um... quite a tounge she's got there. :-)



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