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Russell backing off from Snake comments

KurtRussell.jpgSeems like Kurt Russell was only joking when he said that he had created Snake Plissken and that no one could carry off that role. Well, that's what he's saying during some Grindhouse promotion.

His comments come after those where he said that he winced when he heard who was playing the role and couldn't see someone who isn't American playing it. His recent comments turn around on that somewhat:

"Oh, I don't know, I was just kidding around...A long time ago, John and I had a lot of fun making a movie. It was a John Carpenter creation, the Snake Plissken character, and how it's played was my creation. Our movie will always be there."

The comments come from SciFi Wire.

Well perhaps he was just having a laugh after all? It wouldn't be the first time comments were taken out of context would it?



No love lost Kurt! ;)


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