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Schwarzenegger to return for Terminator 4?

Arnie.jpgThis is both a sad and happy rumour for me with possible news that Arnold Schwarzenegger may well be returning in Terminator 4 to play his iconic role once more. That's the happy part, the sad part is that it may be nothing more than a cameo.

According to rumour he has a clause in his contract to appear in the new Terminator film in the role that he's most known for, the Terminator.

It would be great to see him in it again, and I know he's getting older, but seeing him come back and portraying a proper Terminator, and not the comic version we saw in the previous film, would be superb.

I'm a big Arnie fan I'm afraid, I love his films, well most of them anyway, and I love Predator and the firs two Terminator films, so seeing him back is a big plus for me and hopefully the fourth film.

The story comes from The Boston Herald through Moviehole who were told by the MGM CEO Harry Sloan that:

"I think it's in his contract [to make an appearance]"

Well there is a "think" in there, so it might not be true or there is a clause but with his option to say no, so we're still unsure.

Would you like to see him back? Is there any point in seeing him return?



I've always been a fan of Arnold since a very young age. This is good news, if he agrees then it will please many fans, and give others the urge to see T4 (even if the last film was a little short on intelligence and story).

I would like to see him in the role of another bad Terminator. I don't think they can have him doing another good Terminator role again, surely(?). I'm happy with a cameo from Arnold, (he has done cameos a lot recently), mainly because a Terminator film isn't a Terminator film without Arnold, but mainly because I just miss the guy from making entertaining films.

Why do we need a T4?

1 and 2 were really good


And a Terminator with only a cameo?

I don't know this doesn't sound so great...


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