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Seagal wants Under Seige 3

StevenSeagal.jpgWhile we're talking about old actors returning, Steven Seagal is suggesting that the idea of another Under Siege sequel isn't that outrageous, and indeed he might just come back for it.

Apparently he would come back to reprise the role of Casey Ryback, the Special Ops Chef, if the rest of the original cast would return too. Some hope I think Seagal, but maybe.

"If everyone else (from the Under Siege movies) gets together, then I'd be interested. If a deal can be struck, then yes."

His comments come from WENN through Starpulse News Blog.

If he's expecting Tommy Lee Jones, then I would see him waiting a long time, but everyone else might. The question is do you want to see him return? Is there a call for another Under Siege film? Frankly I didn't make it to the second, but perhaps that's my loss.



I quite enjoyed most of his films - that's not really bad, is it?


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