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Serkis and Ellison in The Cottage

AndySerkis.jpgPaul Andrew Williams is the UK Director who picked up accolades for his film London to Brighton is about to direct his next, The Cottage. He's directing Andy Serkis, Reece Shearsmith, Jennifer Ellison and Steve O'Donnell in a black comedy about a kidnapping gone wrong.

The story was written by Williams as well and it tells the story of two brothers who manage to bungle the kidnapping of the daughter of an underworld boss and in doing so uncover a dark rural secret. Whatever that is.

It sounds quite interesting, and the press release this morning (that was written and I somehow managed to delete instead of posting, along with a few other stories) tells us that it's just been awarded some GB£770,000 funding from the UK Film Council's Development Fund.

Sounds quite intriguing, and with Williams and Serkis on the project even more so. I've seen a few roles of late that put Serkis into a quite unusual character, far from anything we've seen him play before both in and out of CGI, and this could be another one of those. He always delivers a great performance though, CGI or not, and I sometimes think that his CGI work has overshadowed the great performances he can deliver when playing a human.



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