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Shatner and McAvoy talk Star Trek XI

StarTrekXI_Logo.jpgJames McAvoy has been rumoured to be connected with the role of Scotty in the new Star Trek film to be directed by J.J. Abrams, currently titled Star Trek XI. Today however, he played down those rumours with comments he's been saying here and there for a few days.

"I think it came from one person somewhere deciding that because I'm Scottish and in movies I'd be a good thing for Scotty...

..The thing I read was that some of the American fans thought this was a bad idea because the person who should play Scotty should not in fact be an authentic Scotsman but should in fact be American for reasons of authenticity to the Original Series. What that person doesn't seem to realise is that James Doohan wasn't American; he was Canadian."

Indeed he was. According to RottenTomatoes through IGN Movies McAvoy said that the rumours were rubbish, although he was a trekkie himself. He did go on to say a few things about if he was offered the part:

"I'd need to read the script. I wouldn't play Scotty as written in the Original Series,"

At the same time, over at Amy Archerd, William Shatner reveals a little of his involvement to date and discussions with Abrams.

"They (Paramount) brought me in and we talked for several hours with him. But I have no idea what use, if any, they want of us (Shatner and Leonard Nimoy). But I would think they'd want us in there somewhere."

Archerd also says that Shatner doesn't believe the rumours of the casting of Matt Damon and Adrien Brody.

What or who to believe indeed? It's still early days on the film, and I doubt we'll really start hearing concrete casting for a while yet. Still, there will be plenty speculation.



I enjoy Shatner. He has lots of ego, but he is really funny many times. And a great actor, too.

Everytime I see the name James McAvoy my radar just go ballistic! *swoons*


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