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Shatner talks Abrams interview

WilliamShatner.jpgAlthough we've heard from William Shatner a few times now about his meeting with J.J. Abrams and his crew about the Star Trek film, there's always been an element of jokiness and sidestepping to his comments. Well now he talks about the meeting and his involvement pretty much in all openness.

Here's what he said:

Leonard, I believe met with him, I met with them. A producer and director and presumably one of the writers....J.J. Abrams. And nothing really occurred...as far as I was concerned, and I am sure for Leonard as well. It was an exploratory talk. I have no idea what the script is. I have no idea what they are doing. I have no idea whether they want me to be in it in some small way or not. As for me wanting to be in it, I think it would be cool but it would have to be meaningful in some small way. And that is really the truth of everything. And they want to go next fall, so as is apparent I will be working here [Boston Legal] so if they ever wanted me some arrangements would have to be made.

That was transcribed by TrekWeb.com from a video interview on Shatner's site.

Sounds pretty clear, and to me it sounds like they won't be back. I never thought that it would work anyway, and if they did try and do it they would have to do lot's of flashbacks/forwards or time travelling, and I just don't think that works well at all.

So what if they aren't in? I actually think that's better for the film and for the older stars, don't you?



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