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Shutter remake begins filming

Shutter.jpgThe remake of the Thai horror film Shutter has just started production, and with the announcement comes the full cast listing.

The film tells the story of a couple who discover ghostly images in the photographs they develop after a tragic accident. They consider that the incidents might be connected so they investigate the two and discover some disturbing things that should have been left alone.

Here's the cast list for the remake, from Bloody Disgusting:

Joshua Jackson ("Bobby"), Rachael Taylor ("Transformers"), David Denman ("The Office"), James Kyson Lee ("Heroes") and John Hensley ("Nip/Tuck")

The original is supposed to be a really good film (I fully expect a Twitch rep to plod in here and let us know) and is sitting on my rental queue, because I want to see the original before it gets taken apart. That said, it is good that once again they've pulled in an Asian horror Director, this time Masayuki Ochiai who most recently wrote and directed Kansen (Infection).

Update: Twitch actually have a review of the original, republished and updated with the new DVD review. Well worth a look.



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