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Silver confirms no World War II Wonder Woman

JoelSilver.jpgJoel Silver has confirmed that they won't be using the World War II script that was bought for Wonder Woman after Joss Whedon left the project so quickly. In an interview he said:

We didn't buy it for that. There were some good ideas in it, but it was out there, and we wanted to just kind of not have it floating around. We wanted just to acquire it and keep it...You know, it's going to [work]. ... We just couldn't figure it out, but we'll get there." But for now, Silver said he's not actively looking for a new writer or director. "No, not yet. We're just ... talking about it, and we'll get back to it soon."

The comments come from SciFi Wire through Comic Book Movie, and show us that the project is firmly back on square one without even a writer. I'm surprised that they aren't even going to use the writers that they bought the script from, and that was really just to keep it off the market. However that's what they've done, so I wouldn't expect anything from this woman anytime soon.



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