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Silver says no reshoot on The Invasion

OliverHirschbiegel.jpgJoel Silver has been talking about a number of his projects online, and apart from the earlier news, the most interesting thing is where he has denied the suggestion that the Wachowski Brothers took over the ending of The Invasion from Oliver Hirschbiegell.

Back in November we heard that the ending was being reshot by the Wachowski's, but the rumour was never confirmed.

Now, in a gushing interview with Silver, IESB manage to get an interesting comment out of him. When they ask about The Invasion and mention the reshoot Silver's response is very much "No, no, no". He firmly says that everything is fine, and while he doesn't actually address the rumoured reshoot it is very clear that he is saying it didn't happen.

I always thought it was strange that a director of Hirschbiegel's calibre was having his film reshot by the Wachowski's. Although they are a favourite of Silver's, I really can't see them being able to add something better than this man.

Of course I could be wrong, and perhaps the ending wasn't Hollywood enough for them, it wouldn't have been the first time that this has happened would it?



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