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Silver Surfer Billboards hit US

Surfer-BillBoard.jpgThere are billboards appearing for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, or should I say for The Silver Surfer himself, across cities in the US. Someone has captured a shot or two of them and posted them online.

They show what looks like a capture from the trailer of the Surfer speeding towards the screen with the simple one word RISE and the Fantastic Four logo in the corner. Funny that's the only representation of them in the frame.

They really are focusing the film on this one character, and come film time if he isn't the major part of it then I think the audience might be in for a bit of a surprise, after all it's still a Fantastic Four film isn't it? Could all this prove a little confusing?

I'll save the full size board for the guy who actually took the time to take them and post them up on his site, so if you want to see the full size images in situ, just head over to Kung Fu Rodeo and catch Stephen's work, even if you don't want to, say thanks with the click.



That looks quite nice actually.

Sorry. This film won't see a dime of my money. I'd rather take a $10 bill and wipe my ass with it.

Ahh Drew, you made me laugh.

I'll see it for the Surfer in the hope that the attendance will encourage a Silver Surfer big budget solo movie.


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