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Singer talks Valkyrie and Cruise

BryanSinger.jpgBryan Singer has been talking about Valkyrie, the name now given to his World War II film about the German officer who was part of a plot to try and kill HItler in his bunker before the end of the war, with Tom Cruise playing the role of the German officer.

"I admit in the back of my mind I always thought Tom would be a great fit for this role, beyond his physical resemblance. We met a few times about production and my desire to offer the part to him crystallized"

Well amazingly he does look like the officer Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg, but I also think that this could be great casting. Cruise has pulled back from the big budget parts and he's really going to spend some time concentrating on the character roles that he can deliver so well. I'm hoping this is one of them, it certainly is set up to be.

The interviewer over at Variety through UK IGN said that the script has a mix of suspense, honour, horror and history all mixed together. History? No way, really? It seems like they've thrown everything in there. However she does say that the script is excellent, and who would have expected anything less.

Oh, and the confirmation is there, the Superman sequel The Man of Steel is next after this film.



Awwwwww, Cruise to work with Singer - FANTASTIC!


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