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Singer's two pictures before Superman sequel

BryanSinger.jpgBrandon Routh has been trying to drum up publicity on the second Superman film after Superman Returns (Filmstalker review) under Bryan Singer, perhaps because he has no other deals on his plate, perhaps because he has to, who knows. What is clear is that Singer isn't hitting the film immediately, concentrating instead on two other films first.

Routh has been saying that Singer might want to go somewhere new with the script and not touch on older characters like General Zod, he's also been saying that the new film will be more action and an advesary that he can actually get into a physical fight with, someone with real physical power in comparison to him.

The comments from Routh over at Empire sound okay but it is so early in development there's probably not a great deal of thought gone into it as yet. Especially since Singer is working on two other films first.

One is a romantic comedy and the other sounds much more interesting, Variety has news that Singer is teaming up with Chris McQuarrie, the writer of The Usual Suspects and taking a new film to United Artists for Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner.

The film is set in WWII and will be an ensemble piece, in that aspect similar to Suspects, unlike recent films though it will carry a more moderate budget. Singer said that it was an wonderful script from a period he really was interested in, and UA seemed the right place for it.

So with two projects on the go before another look at Superman it looks like they are taking a pragmatic view to the franchise. Sure there's a need to keep the character alive, but not ram him down the public's throats, especially since the character wasn't received as well as expected on his first return. There's no doubt we'll see a different setup for his second return.

Note that McQuarrie has The Stanford Prison Experiment and Logan's Run written and both in pre-production. Would you rather see these first?



I loved Superman Returns, 'twas one of my fave films last year, but I am in no rush to see a follow up film to it. Besides, I'll be just as interested to see anything that Singer works on anyway so I dont mind the wait.

Logan's Run. There are so many possibilities there and this is one of those films that is crying for a good remake. The original has aged rather poorly and an update would be fantastic.


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