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Snyder 300 screening Q&A and interview

300.jpgI've been saved, rather than transcribe the entire Q&A from the 300 (Filmstalker review) Press screening in London the other week, the guys who hosted it have been kind enough to record it and make it available for all to see, and I have all the links right here.

Not only that but I have a heap of 300 goodies for you in the form of trailers, clips, stills, wallpapers, behind the scenes, all in the main article. Enjoy...

The clip is on Brightcover or YouTube...

Download the Q&A zipped in Quicktime, Windows Media Player and in RealPlayer

Stream the Q&A in low, high and bb (bb? Perhaps this means the biggest) formats.

Download the Director's Interview zipped in Quicktime, Windows Media Player and in RealPlayer

View the Windows Media stream of the Director's Interview in low, high and bb formats.



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