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Snyder confirms Butler in Watchmen!

GerardButler.jpgZack Snyder has confirmed that he has a part specifically for Gerard Butler in Watchmen and that he wants him to appear in the film, but he hasn't really talked to him about it. Butler says the same, and he also reveals that the upcoming Priest film is most definitely off.

First up, Snyder has a few comments about Butler and Watchmen. Snyder was amused hearing the rumours on the Internet grow into the hard fact that Butler was signed for the film, and he corrects those straight up.

"" talked to him on the plane and he said, 'Are we going to talk about this?' I said, 'Yes, eventually we should.'...I have a particular part for him in the movie but I haven't told him even yet what it is..."

He makes clear that he's doing Watchmen first before Sucker Punch, and that Tom Cruise just can't appear in the film because of scheduling issues, although he would have loved him to play a role. However, he does say that there is going to be a project with Cruise soon, and that's intriguing, could he be joining Sucker Punch?

So when About then talked to Butler and quizzed him on the rumours, he was also forthcoming:

"You know, Zack's mentioned it but we haven't talked about it anymore. So I don't know. I haven't read a script; I don't know what the role is. I'd love to work with Zack again. I think he's awesome, but more than that I can't say."

So Snyder has a role in mind for Butler but they've yet to really talk about it, he does hint though that there are a few things to work out first so that suggests it might not come through, but if it does there's that question, who would Butler be playing?

Butler also kills any hope of the Priest film continuing, with him in it anyway. About go on to ask him:

Q: And Priest? A: "Not happening. No, not as far as I know."

Sad news for Priest, but not unexpected really. Great news for Butler if he's going to be attached to one of the most important comics and comic adaptations there is.



I know someone who will watch this :)

Ehr Peter, you wouldnt happen to be referring to me would you? ;)

I don't know anything about Watchmen but now I am VERY EXCITED!

Saying that, now that Gerry's box office status is confirmed, maybe they'll be able to find a way to still work on Burns, or a wider release for The Game of Their Lives and Beowulf and Grendel?


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