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Snyder returns to Zombie films

ZackSnyder.jpgZack Snyder wants to return to the world of zombies in Army of the Dead, and this time he wants an epic film for the genre. He's written the script and he and his wife Deborah are producing, but it's not yet known if he will direct the film too.

He's returning to the genre after the pretty cool Dawn of the Dead (Filmstalker review), a film which I think he did really well with. This new story will be set in a quarantined Las Vegas in the (voice over man) in the not too distant future, where a father tries to save his daughter from being killed in a zombie infested world. As Snyder says himself:

"I feel like there hasn't been a zombie movie on the scale that we want to do it"

The story comes from Variety. As yet though htere's no word who is directing, after all he could just be too busy on Watchmen to do the project, and yet I really want to see Snyder keep churning out films and not get stuck too long on one project, even if I am desperate to see Watchmen come to life. He has such a great eye for visuals and for doing things differently that I just want to see more of that on screen.



Anything with Zombies, I'm there. Especially with someone with the track record of Snyder.

My excitement builds....

Yep Znyder is the man of the moment right now..anything he touches is pretty much going to turn to gold. His movies so far are SUPER. Just don't do a Jackson on us!!!

if snyder did DAWN, he'd have tons of folks on board to support a sequel.

alot of people believe LAND of the dead to be it's sequel, but isn't it more of a sequel to DAY of the dead ( the original one ) ?

I was let down by land of the dead on first viewing, but only because it didn't have the feel ( or the running, scarry freaky zombies ) of DAY.

You know, Richard, what would be great is if you'd have a discussion topic on zombie movies...whether they're still working, whether people still like them, and, more to the point, which ones were our favorites and why.

maybe in the future if you're ever lost for a topic..........: )

Zombie movie?? I'm in! They never get old or cease to scare the sh*t out of me. Everytime I watch a zombie flick I have nightmares, but I still can't stop watching ...it's part of the fun. hehe

With Synder on board I'm even more excited.


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