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Spanky the demon

Spanky.jpgSpanky is not a low class porn novel, it's actually a book about a man who willingly accepts a deal with his own personal devil in order to make his life better than the dull drudgery that it is, and it has just received a film deal.

It tells the story of a twenty three year old man who meets a demon and accepts the deal he offers him. It means a better life, better job, but the thing is because he doesn't really know if the demon is real or not he's not that sure if he is going to have to pay the price...and what is the price anyway?

Ray Gower is adapting the Christopher Fowler story and Dan Turner will direct. The story from Variety does sound promising. It's a different take on the whole idea of demons and humans that might have a nice twist to it.

Has anyone read it? I'm interested to know if the demon actually possesses him and we have lots of scene of the demon in control, or if it is more a film that shows incredibly lucky things happening to the man all the time. Is this going to have comic potential or are they going to focus on something a little more serious and darker?



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