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Spider-Man 3 final trailer online

Spiderman3.jpgThe final Spider-Man 3 trailer is out in a US and International version, although that said I can't play the International version. The new trailer looks good and has some great new scenes in it, it really does play up the peril of Parker once again, and it's looking really tense and exciting. Yes, I'm in.

The US trailer is over at Comcast [Embed:Flash]. As soon as it loads up, hit the icon on the top right of the player to put it full screen as that tiny player is useless.

The International trailer, Coming Soon says, is over at Yahoo Movies, but when I hit that link I get a Windows Media Playlist file that loads nothing.

The new US trailer looks good though, and I love how they've recut the fight scenes and produced a more perilous feel to it all. Great stuff.



And it's showing on May 4, the official Star Wars Day too.

May the 4th be with you Spidey! ;)

Thank you Simone! ; )

Finally managed to get the International trailer to work. Only some very minor differences between the two.

If you go here, you can get the US trailer in HD via the "Exclusives" link. It looks very very nice. The brief shots of Venom look great, and the visual effects in general look top-notch.

May 4 can't get here soon enough!

That comment was really meant for you, just glad you saw it right away! ;)

Too many trailers and scenes already. But they are holding back the best. Surely Venom is not going to end his war in this installment.


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