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Spider-Man's new villain rumoured

Spiderman3_Poster.jpgThere's a big rumour about that a new villain has been chosen for the next Spider-Man film. Now I find that hard to believe already because there isn't even a decision on if the studio will wait for Sam Raimi to come back after a break or if he's even going to do another, never mind if they are getting Tobey Maguire back again.

Anyway the rumour is that the villain of Morlun is going to be pulled in. He's a vampiric creature who feeds on higher life forms, creatures with a huge amount of power above the average human or creature. One such creature is Spider-Man himself.

I, like Josh at Cinema Blend who carries the story, find this hard to take. So far all the baddies in Spider-Man have been the traditional ones and ones born out of science, and there are so many more to come, especially the villains that have been set up in the film itself.

There are characters in the second and third films all ready to become the baddies of Spider-Man and humanity, so why would they turn to another one, and why turn to such a mystical creature?

Already stretching that science bit is Venom, although another lifeform from space is perhaps still in keeping, but Venom is the biggest Spider-Man baddie there is, so why not? He's also a superb plot device to bring about some strong characterisation for Parker and Mary Jane.

So all in all I can't see them turning to a supernatural, vampiric creature for the next Spidey film unless Raimi is totally out of it. Otherwise he'll look to the characters he has carefully placed in the film to turn into their evil alter egos. Surely you agree?



This is nothing but a silly rumor. Happens every time. People said the Lizard, Carnage, and Mysterio would all be in Spidey 3 and look how that turned out.

Anyway, going with such a new villain would really alienate old school fans like myself. In fact, it'd piss me off, because there are so many other classic villains that haven't even been touched yet.

If they do a 4 - and I really hope they all come back - I really hope the villain is the Lizard. They've already set him up in Spider-Man 2 and 3... and he's one of the most interesting of Spidey's foes.

Totally agree with Jonathan. Old skool 'til I die! ; )

The next villain (if there is one) has to be Lizard. Failing him, I'd settle for Scorpion, Electro or Mysterio.

i don't know i think it'll be carnage plus another. the reason for carnage is that if you remember there is still that piece of the venom suit at dr.conners lab so it kinnda poses the question of what happened to it.


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