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Spielberg's Interstellar gains writer Nolan

StevenSpielberg.jpgJonah Nolan has signed to write Steven Spielberg's space film about travelling through worm holes into other dimensions, Interstellar, a story we heard about last year.

It will use physicist Kip Thorne's theeories of gravity fields, based on a treatment that he wrote along with a Producer with a healthy love of science, Lynda Obst. Thorne is one of the world's leading experts on relativity and the film would put to work some of his theories as well as ones that Einstein held.

If you didn't realise already, Jonah Nolan is Christopher Nolan's brother, and he is the one that wrote the short story that spawned Memento, and he also wrote The Prestige and The Dark Knight, so he's well set to work on such a hefty project.

It does sound interesting, and especially in the hands of Spielberg, I've been dying to have him venture into space again. However as Variety point out he has Indy to complete as well as the Lincoln film, so expect a long wait on this film.



Suffice it to say that because Spielberg is behind it, my interest is already aroused since you broke the news, but since I truly loved both Memento and The Prestige so if Jonathan Nolan is doing the screenplay to this one, then I am all the more thrilled.


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