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Stalked: 300 soundtrack online, Toy Story 3, Hitman Randy Quaid

300.jpgA couple of little titbits today, first up you can now listen to the entire 300 soundtrack online, and get bonuses if you buy it on the official site, Toy Story 3 has a date, and Randy Quaid is set to play a hitman.

The full soundtrack to 300 (Filmstalker review) is now online for you to listen to, and it's legal! If you order the special edition of the soundtrack from the official 300 site you can also receive three two-sided trading cards (I presume you'll be trading 300 cards in your children's school playground) and a sixteen page full colour booklet, as well as a free poster. Head over to AOL through Superhero Hype to listen.

Toy Story 3 looks set for release in 2010 according to John Lassater who was speaking at the Disney shareholder meeting. He does say that they have a great story for the film from Michael Arndt. They also announced The Frog Princess which will be hand drawn, set in New Orleans and feature the first African-American Disney princess, and Wall-E, about a rubbish clearning robot who is left on the now evacuated rubbish tip that is Earth. Oh, then there's something about American Dog, a dog with superpowers who realises he's only a TV character and...yeah, I'm reaching for the off button too. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Rope of Silicon.

Randy Quaid is playing a hitman who gives an old friend an hour to live in a film called Real Time. His friend is a compulsive gambler, played by Jay Burachel. Sounds an interesting premise from the writer Randall Cole. Story comes from Yahoo Movies.



Didn't Quaid play a hitman in Ice Harvest aswell?


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