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Stalked: Appleseed director returns and most expensive Singapore film

News on the director of Appleseed returning to CGI in a huge way, and a live action science fiction film comes from Asia, possibly the highest budgeted film from Singapore.

Fumihiko Sori has created his first animation since the 2004 film Appleseed, and this new CG feature sounds like a superb plot. Vexille will carry a US$10 million budget and according to Variety, shows a Japan in the year 2066 that has closed itself off from the rest of the world and has reportedly developed weapons that the US considers to be a threat. They send in a small team of Special Forces undercover to try and find out what is happening. Sounds like a very political story indeed.

US and Singapore production companies have joined forced for The Battle of Hong Kong which will be the most expensive film ever made in Singapore according to Variety. The film is just the first part of a high concept science fiction fantasy from Asia, and marks the first joint venture with Upside Down Entertainment which is a vehicle to bring western money into Asian filmmaking, a company which is set to bring four to five films out a year. Set in a post-apocalyptic future the film shows the natives of Kowloon rise up against the Hong Kong islanders who have made them slaves, it will be Directed by Daniel Chan.



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