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Stalked: Asian Shutter remake, Ferrara's mob story and Paul Walker

AbelFerrara.jpgJoshua Jackson is in an Asian horror remake, no, you don't say another one? Abel Ferrara is filming an edgy Italian crime film, and Paul Walker is repeating himself.

Joshua Jackson has signed up for another Asian horror remake this time it's of the psychological thriller Shutter in a remake called...Shutter. It too is heading to filming in Tokyo, just as the Grudge remakes did, and Rachael Taylor, David Denman, James Kyson and John Hensley are set to star with Masayuki Ochiai directing. Amazingly Roy Lee is producing, who'd have guessed? The film centers on a couple who begin seeing ghostly images in their photos which start to come to life about them. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter. Another remake, interestingly though Ochiai is an Asian horror director but he didn't create this film, are they trying another tactic to make these remakes work?

Abel Ferrara is taking his Bad Lieutenant character to Italy as he prepares to adapt an Italian novel, Pericle il Nero by Giuseppe Farrandino, for the big screen. It's described as a noir film about a Policeman who works for the Camorra crime syndicate boss and is a slightly unhinged guy, for one he likes to sodomise his victims. Nice touch. The cast will be a US and Italian mix. The story comes from Variety.

Paul Walker is set to star in a film that sees his life stripped of everything he loves and he must overcome great obstacles to get his life back...wasn't that the last film he did? This is called The Heaven Project and will be directed by John Glenn from a script he wrote. The story comes from Variety. It just seems like so many other stories, and so many that Walker has appeared in himself.



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