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Stalked: Billy Bob vs Berry and Routh in Cracktown

BillyBobThornton.jpgCasting news today, the first of two Stalked cast lists. Brandon Routh is hitting Life in Cracktown and Billy Bob Thornton is starring with Halle Berry in a true tale of race and corruption in Tulia.

Billy Bob Thornton is joining Halle Berry in Tulia, the adaptation of the book Tulia: Race, Cocaine, and Corruption in a Small Texas Town by Nate Blakeslee. We already heard that Berry was on the case and that Carl Franklin is in negotiations to direct, but the Thornton news from Variety through Rope of Silicon is new, and good at that.

Berry stars as a lawyer investigating a case where forty six black men were arrested in Tulia, Texas, in 1999 and charged with various offenses related to drugs and guns. No money, drugs or illegal weapons were found on any of the suspects. She plays the attorney who defends them.

Brandon Routh is not just hanging around for a Superman sequel, he's set to star in Life is Hot in Cracktown which is based on the novel by Buddy Giovinazzo who also adapted and directed the film. He talks about it on his official site through Moviehole.



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