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Stalked: Boll's Vietnam, Talisman TV series and Welsh horror

UweBoll.jpgUwe Boll is filming a Vietnam film in Africa, Welsh horror Daddy's Girl has been bought up, and Stephen King's Talisman may live after the mini-series.

The distributors of the The Grudge series in the UK have bought the rights to the UK psychological horror film Daddy's Girl from Welsh director D.J. Evans. The film is about a bereaved psychiatrist who has to deal with a troubled teenage girl who has a lust for blood. From Variety.

Uwe Boll is making a film about Vietnam, and it's not a videogame adaptation. AITH have the first write up from Boll who is currently filming in Africa. My head hurts.

The Steven Spielberg produced mini-series of Stephen King and Peter Straub's The Talisman may not end there, Turner Broadcasting executives told advertisers that after it shows on TNT in 2008 they might well make it a series for 2009. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through SciFi Wire.



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