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Stalked: Boyle done with space, Apted says Goal! 3 won't happen

DannyBoyle.jpgDanny Boyle says no to anymore space films, and Michael Apted is suggesting that Goal 3 is not going to get made.

According to Michael Apted Goal! 3 is looking doubtful. He's supposed to be making the third part of the trilogy but he doesn't think we'll see it completed as the second film didn't do well in the US, and despite the arrival of David Beckham and his scheduled playing for LA Galaxy, he still doesn't think it will find the funding and audience. His comments come from Teletext.

Danny Boyle has made an off hand comment about any possible return to space films. Teletext seem to think he'll never return to science fiction films, but he says himself space films, a slight difference there.

"I'll never go back into space - it kills you. The standards set by the classics - 2001, Aliens, Solaris - are so high you have to at least match them and it's b***** hard work."

His comments come while his latest film Sunshine begins to gear up for release, a film that from all the trailers and clips to date looks stunning but has been getting a few early mixed reviews. I'm still dying to see it, standard sci-fi fare or not.



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