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Stalked: Butler video interview, Fox and the Child, and the oldest director alive

GerardButler.jpgThere's a good Gerard Butler video interview online, The Fox and the Child comes from the Penguin marchers and the oldest director alive tackles Columbus.

Calling Gerard ButlerGerard Butler fans out there, there's a good little interview over at CBC Television's The Hour where he's interviewed about various aspects of his career. There's nothing incredibly insightful, but it's better than most surface sheen interviews asking the same old questions, and a nice one for all his fans out there.

You can see it over at CBC [Embed:WMV].

Luc Jacquet, he director who made March of the Penguins, is to helm the film The Fox and the Child which is based on his own childhood experiences. It goes along the lines of a girl who enters a forest following in the footsteps of a fox, and slowly she is transported into a new world...Sounds familiar? The story comes from Variety.

Manoel de Oliveira is a 98 year old director, the oldest working director alive today, and he's just signed up for his next film. Christopher Columbus: The Enigma will be based on the book Columbus Was Portuguese by Manuel Luciano da Silva and Silvia Jorge da Silva, it claims that he was born in a small town in Portugal called Cuba, which he then named the small island he discovered on his travels. The news comes from Variety.



All of a sudden Filmstalker has become a shrine to Gerard Butler - btw, you spelled his name twice Richard, that's your fast typing again! LOL

This site was made exclusively to please you, Simone.

No, that's the way the tags work and sometimes it gets a double entry...difficult to explain!

Well he's Scottish and he's really just reached a huge point in his career, I reckon that his next few film choices will be critical ones and determine whether he hits mega Hollywood status or not.

Frankly, looking at his rise to fame and his personal drive, I doubt that's a problem.

LOL @ Peter. I suppose it's a plus factor that both Rich and Gerry are Scots. ;)

But I am not complaining really. I remember how I discovered Gerry over 2 years ago now and saw his metamorphosis as an actor, I am truly pleased for all the success and the attention he is now getting.


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